Wooden toy making skills
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Yunhe Mountain is high in forest, with a forest coverage rate of 80. 4%. Its excellent natural ecology and profound historical and cultural accumulation give birth to extensive and profound folk skills. As early as the Song and Yuan dynasties, a large number of carpenters had mastered the art of wood making. At that time, carpenters generally made furniture, farm tools and other daily necessities according to the requirements of the owners. At the same time, they also bought wooden toys for the children, such as treadmills, Huarong road, Luban locks, tangram boards, nine-links, and wooden pyuo snails. Thus, Yunhe people began to make primitive wooden toys with relatively simple techniques. According to the records of Yunhe County, at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, puppet shows commonly known as puppet shows were popular in Yunhe. At that time, the two most famous puppet troupes in Yunhe were Dujiao troupe and Shencun troupe. With the popularity of puppetry, the folk art of making puppets from small wood began to develop.

Wooden toy making skills carry the wisdom of Chinese people's production and life for thousands of years, and it is the artistic representation of the essence of traditional culture. Wooden toys with the imprint of traditional culture are the reason why Chinese classical wooden toys have permanent charm. The profound connotation of traditional culture endows traditional folk arts with the power and soil to inherit and innovate, and gives them artistic inspiration and rich expression, while the traditional arts also carry the broad and profound traditional culture with its exquisite expression. Exquisite toy works are presented in front of us. Water-duih-wheel, wooden windmill, toy barrel, loom, Huarong Road, Luban lock, tangram board and other toy works have the wisdom and talent of the ancestors, carrying rich traditional cultural connotation, and impregnating the inheritance and education of farming cultural consciousness. Children's wooden horse, Noah's Ark and other toys reflect the integration with the world's cultures, but also reflect the inclusiveness of wooden toy making skills.

Yunhe wooden toy making skill sets, interest, artistry, technical knowledge, in a scientific, and whether it is in the process of design and production process, covers the mechanical, aesthetic and various subjects such as physics, design knowledge, create both embody rich traditional culture connotation and fusion of modern scientific knowledge, the education function in a toy, It embodies multi-disciplinary information such as education, entertainment, culture and art.

The main technological processes of wooden toy making technology include design, wood making, woodworking (car wood), carving, painting, painting, assembly and so on. Design is the first process of wooden toy production, is also the most important link, including toy modeling, pattern and process design, process design is more to reflect the solid and reasonable structure. In the design, the dimensions of each structural part must be refined to millimeters, which involves physics, mechanics, aesthetics and other disciplines. Taking the traditional wooden toy Luban lock as an example, it combines the complex and reasonable mortise and tenon structure, rich and varied shapes and color modification, and integrates the essence of traditional culture. It plays the role of enlightening the mind, educating and entertaining. It can be called a work of art.

The main tools for making wooden toys are chisel, saw, drill, axe, plane, hammer, ink fountain, Luban ruler, drawing pen, woodcarving knife and so on. Woodworking is the most critical link, according to the design drawings, the use of various woodworking tools to complete the basic components, such as woodworking saw, woodworking chisel can be made of the green shape, and then use woodworking shovel to shovel out more detailed graphics. At the beginning, most of the toys were made of artificial bicycle wood equipment, such as wooden mound snail and all kinds of animal modeling toys, which fully reflected the carpentry master's superb skills and rich creativity.

Woodworking carving is one of the prominent traditional skills in the Chinese wooden toy making skills, which fully shows the superb wood making skills of woodworking masters. The ancient Chinese chess was originally carved by carpentry masters, and then developed from puppet carving to today's chess carving, which fully embodies the inheritance and inclusiveness of Chinese wooden toy making skills, and further embodies the vitality of Chinese wooden toy making skills. In addition, the art of painting also fully reflects the richness of traditional Chinese culture, its pattern modeling, color collocation reflects the aesthetic concept of folk artists, make wooden toys simple and atmospheric.

Yunhe wooden toy making is an ancient skill of human beings, with fine techniques and complicated procedures. For a long time, its skills have been passed down in the form of family workshops, and passed down from generation to generation through oral instruction between father and son, teachers and apprentices, and their own experience and perception in practice. Yunhe wooden toy making skills are common in Yunhe folk development and inheritance, and there are no representative figures in history to be tested. When it develops to modern times, its inheritance has been well developed from relying on the family workshop style to the present enterprise scale production mode.

Yunhe wooden toy making skills continued in the period of the Republic of China and flourished after the reform and opening up. During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, General Lu Gongwang set up 19 military-civilian mills in the Oujiang wharf town of Chishi. He brought foot-driven iron and wood mill machinery and equipment, which revolutionized the traditional skills. In the 1970s, the small town of Akashi began to create a wooden toy industry, which eventually became a fire. In the 1990s, with the rise of China's wooden toy city, centering on the city positioning of "landscape home fairy tale world", the wooden toy industry has become the dominant industry and cultural industry of Yunhe, and the products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and Hong Kong.

With the intervention of mechanized production, the traditional wooden toy production skills have suffered a certain impact, but the cloud and wooden toy production skills are the means to carry and express the traditional culture and exquisite technology. The connotation and inspiration from the traditional culture are still the soil of creation and innovation in the new period. At present, the production of wooden toys in Yunhe occupies half of the country. Yunhe has become a famous Oriental toy city, which makes the traditional wooden toy making skills better inherited and developed. The children's toy styles and making skills inherited from the Ming and Qing dynasties are still being produced and inherited. In the 1990s, Mr. Fei Xiaotong, a famous social activist, inscribed "China Wooden Toy City". Wooden toys, as an innovative work of Chinese traditional culture, have become an envoy to promote cultural exchanges among countries. On the eve of the Beijing Olympic Games, CCTV children's Channel 36 episodes of popular public welfare animation "Olympic Tips", is the work of Yunhe wooden toy City.

The wooden toy making technique has found a good meeting point for the traditional Chinese wood making technique and farming culture, and with the help of toys, the carrier of enlightening children's education, children's toys are permeated with the inheritance and education of traditional cultural consciousness, which is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancestors. Math toys, physics toys, construction toys, literature toys, history toys, geography toys, art toys... All kinds of toys are the physical "books" of children's enlightenment education and the seed gene of wisdom. A devout faith, a beautiful legend, all through the exquisite craft wooden toy making skill and ingenious artistic conception, to toys this material carrier, and give it a profound cultural life and the fairy tale spirit, recreates the dry for one hundred years people's wisdom, embodies the people's aesthetic temperament and interest, has the very high artistic value. At the same time, wooden toy making, a skill derived from the wisdom of life, reflects the production and living conditions of people in a certain historical period, reflects the course of human development, and plays the function of social education and skill inheritance. At the same time, it plays an important historical role in inheriting and developing Chinese traditional toy culture and carrying forward excellent folk skills, which has a high historical value.

At present, YunHE County cultural department and the establishment of the "youth wooden club" is to protect Yunhe wooden toy making skills in an all-round way. The first is to collect and sort out the related folklore, tools, technological processes, techniques and works, and make a systematic and comprehensive record of them in the form of words, pictures and materials to establish a database. The second is to intensify academic and theoretical research, and to make cloud and wooden toy making techniques form paper and digital data sets through integrated data editing. At present, Yunhe County Vocational and Technical School has jointly compiled wooden toy textbooks to provide design and production talents for the development of the wooden toy industry. At the same time, the design and production of wooden toys have been included in the primary school handicraft courses and preschool teaching plans. Third, improve the traditional skills training mechanism. At present, the wooden toy professional training mechanism organized by the village has been introduced and started to be implemented. At the same time, the regular skills competition activities should be further strengthened to make it better inherited and developed. Fourthly, the large-scale wooden toy festival will be held every two years. At present, it has successfully held three sessions, attracting the arrival of enterprises and dealers from all over the country and the world. Through the holding of a series of publicity and exhibition activities, the popularity and reputation of China's wooden toy City have been further enhanced, and the inheritance and development of the wooden toy industry have been effectively promoted. Fifth, the "China Wooden Toy Museum" will be set up to comprehensively and integrally collect, display, protect and study the wooden toy making skills, and carry out all-round professional protection.

With the continuous inheritance and development of wooden toy production technology, it will further promote the cultural exchange between our country and the countries around the world, spark bright in the collision and exchange, so that this excellent folk art can be better protected and inherited.