Why are wooden educational toys more and more popular with parents and children?
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According to the Royal Academy of Sciences research found that people who regularly play with educational toys have an average IQ of about 11 points higher than those who do not play with them. American medical experts also found that the incidence of Alzheimer's disease in people who started to play adult puzzle toys 50 years ago is only 32% of the average person, while the incidence of people who play puzzle toys since childhood is less than 1% of the general population.

So why do educational toys choose wooden toys?

Each piece of wood in the wooden toy continues the life of the parent tree. With ITS "RETURN TO NATURE" CONCEPT, MAKE THE URBANITE THAT LIVES LONG REINFORCING BAR JUNGLE FEELS A KIND OF LONG-LOST AFFINITY. Wooden toys are favored by parents and children because of their intelligence, environmental protection, health and high playability. Especially in foreign countries, wooden toys are not only welcomed by consumers, but also vigorously advocated.

Wooden toys can stimulate children's interest in action, cultivate children's consciousness of reasonable combination and collocation and space imagination ability; The ingenious drag design exercises children's walking ability and encourages children's sense of achievement in creation.

The advantages of raw materials for wooden toys

1, its raw materials are mostly from nature, compared with other toys, less chemical substances, both green and environmental protection, carefully smell also contains a light log fragrance.

2. Because of the diversity of wood, the selection of wooden toys is flexible and changeable, so there are many kinds of wooden toys, and the pattern is changed from the original monotonicity, and the number of products is countless.

3, wooden toys not only look light, delicate, moderate price, color also become colorful, and easy to operate and much loved by parents, friends and children.

4, wooden toys benefit from the natural raw materials, cleaning and maintenance is very convenient.

5, there is another big feature, is small injury, especially suitable for children to play.