How to properly care for baby's wooden toys?
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Why do parents buy wooden toys? How to clean up after buying home, and how to maintain at ordinary times?

Why buy wooden toys?

First of all, wooden toys from natural wood, natural materials, handmade, conducive to exercise the baby's aesthetic taste, let the baby from childhood close to nature, feel the nature;

Secondly, compared with other materials such as plastic and metal, wooden toys are more environmentally friendly and have the characteristics of wear resistance, which can truly accompany the baby's continuous growth.

Finally, wooden toys themselves have a classic charm. The greatest significance of toys is to develop the imagination and creativity of babies. As the most traditional and primitive type of toys, seemingly simple wooden toys can stimulate the infinite potential of babies, so that babies can get more fun and excitement in toys.

How to clean wooden toys?

Wooden toys can be cleaned with a piece of clean gauze or handkerchief wet wring, and then gently swab the surface of the toy. It is not recommended to use water to rinse and soak directly, which is easy to cause damage to the toy wood or even rot.

Just bought wooden toys can be slightly dried, but must not be in direct sunlight, high temperature place drying.

How to care for wooden toys?

It is necessary to keep wooden toys dry and place them in a dry environment.

Wooden toys also need to prevent long-term exposure to the sun, must not be exposed to the sun, but still need to be regularly aired to keep the wood dry inside and outside.

Moms and dads also need to understand that wooden toys must be cleaned regularly, at least once a month, especially the baby play frequency is not high wooden toys, if not taken out for a long time to clean and dry, it may lead to wood damage and even mildew oh.