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Tao Xingzhi, China's greatest educator in the past century, once said: "education can not create anything, but it can inspire children's creativity to engage in creative work." It can be seen that although early childhood education is the stage of children's enlightenment, the merit lies in the present age and the benefit lies in the future. As the most potential and developing teaching aid service provider in China, Li Zhen, chairman of Yunhe Taozhi e-commerce Co., Ltd., has deep feelings about this - playing games and playing teaching aids are the main ways and learning methods for children to understand the world and realize physical and mental development, the main learning resources for children in their spontaneous state, and the most fundamental way and means to implement early childhood education. For more than ten years, Taozhi brand has focused on early education, integrating R & D, production and sales. It has penetrated all aspects of product R & D and use with Montessori education concept, and has made great contributions to cultivating smart, healthy, confident and sensible children!

Join hands with Chaoyang education industry to endow teaching aids with love

Preschool education is not only an indispensable part of the modern national education system, but also plays a fundamental role in people's lifelong and all-round development. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the concept of "people-centered development", and for the first time took "children's education" as one of the important contents of ensuring and improving people's livelihood. Therefore, the education industry, known as the "sunrise industry", has become the first choice for many investors.

As a company focusing on early education, Yunhe Taozhi e-commerce Co., Ltd. aims to provide supporting teaching aids and services for early education. It integrates R & D, production, sales and after-sales services. It has become a professional production and processing company of international front-line preschool teaching aids brands“ Playing with teaching aids is in a particularly important position in early childhood education and teaching activities. Playing with teaching aids is not only the first enlightenment textbook in the early childhood stage, but also the knowledge carrier of early childhood education. It is necessary to integrate many emotional contents such as aesthetics, pleasure, interest and edifying sentiment. Therefore, we have developed new teaching aids by combining Montessori's educational concept with Chinese traditional culture. For example, the new word cards of Chinese characters, Tang poetry, three character classics and hundreds of family names enable children to learn Chinese traditional culture in the process of playing and entertainment. Teaching aids can help children better improve their hands-on ability, independent thinking ability, imagination and the ability to draw inferences from one example, and use emotional and warm toys to accompany children's growth. " Li Zhen said, "in order to let children learn, explore and discover in playing with teaching aids. Taozhi takes high-quality Montessori teaching aids as its leading product, which makes rigid instruments full of vitality. It has derived many related products, including sensory series, mathematics series, geography series, language series, science and culture series, daily life series, 0-3 infant series and so on. The purpose is to promote the combination of Montessori Education Park and family, Promote the individual development of each child at the original level. "

All along, Li Zhen has devoted a lot of efforts to "Taozhi", especially for 0-3-year-old childcare institutions, which is the future development direction of our country. It is scientifically confirmed that 0-3 years old is the golden age for children's development in all aspects. It is very beneficial for children's future if they can systematically and systematically cultivate children's all-round development before the age of 3. In particular, teaching aids that attract children's attention can mobilize children's enthusiasm for learning“ A visual teaching aid is properly used, and its power to children is beyond every educator's estimation. For children, love to play is nature, and it is often a simpler and more effective way of enlightenment for children to gain knowledge in play. " Talking about the role of teaching aids, Li Zhen talked freely.

Throughout the world, as a leading country in education, the United States has many listed companies in the field of educational aids, and its market value can even reach US $8.75 billion“ The Xiongguan pass is really like iron, and now we are stepping over from the beginning ". The Centennial opportunity of China's education industry has just begun. Even though many traditional childcare concepts have seriously affected the popularization and penetration of childcare concepts, Li Zhen believes that when childcare and early education rise, the transformation of China's modern education will gradually come to the stage. China's modern education is gradually forming a scientific and systematic curriculum system with Chinese characteristics and authoritative certification. Taozhi e-commerce Co., Ltd. will also work in the upstream and downstream of the industry, expand the industrial chain, integrate resources, strive to realize the collectivized operation mode as soon as possible, and lead the highest point of China's early education industry reform in the future.

Top quality R & D, excellent system management

Quality is the foundation of long-term survival of enterprises, and it is the gold medal of enterprises' competition. For Li Zhen, his own conscience about technology and products is "the most comfortable pillow"“ Being trusted is a wealth that cannot be bought with money. " For Taozhi teaching aids, it is the cornerstone of quality assurance that employees trust them. Especially, the technicians linked to the company's core competitiveness, Li Zhen has adopted the "equity incentive" system, which has absorbed the management experience of Mengniu and Huawei, a well-known domestic company, and fundamentally guaranteed the product quality of the company.

"The company has paid great attention to the material selection in the production process. All the products meet the latest national standards and standards requirements of GB6675-2003, comply with the European Community EN-71, ASTM-F963 and St toy safety monitoring standards in Japan, and have won a number of practical and appearance patents, and have reached the world advanced level in the field of puzzle toys. All the R & D staff are not only the top experts in the industry, but also our shareholders of the same aspiration. " Li Zhen introduced that "since the company was founded, it has successively cooperated with many top preschool institutions and the Mondays Association at home and abroad, and its R & D and production capacity. Through continuous improvement and improvement, Taozhi teaching tools have been favored by customers in more than 20 exhibitions at home and abroad, and the products are exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America and other countries and regions. In the future, we will put more market space in the whole chain of education and teaching. "

"Spring silkworm to death silk side, wax torch into tears before dry." The moral requirements of the education industry for practitioners are very high, and it is not simply imitation that can be learned as a teacher. Many people spend decades of hard work to study and study can not master the whole essence. Therefore, in addition to ensuring the quality of teaching aids, it is necessary for preschool teachers to master the use of teaching aids in an all-round way, so that they can attach importance to it in their thoughts. Therefore, Li Zhen set up a professional training and after-sales team, which will provide the old customers with a free teaching aids during the cold and summer holidays. Besides, there are special team training teachers to use them, which makes the quality control the last link.

Gudeyun: "the real gold must be made in a red stove, and white jade is polished by his wonderful hands." As a complete and scientific quality management system, Yunhe County Taozhi e-commerce Co., Ltd. is about to enter a new stage of development after more than ten years of precipitation“ To keep the cultural roots, to cast the national soul firmly, to continue the characteristics of Oriental culture with the spirit of education, and to nurture the light of the future of China in modern culture.

Invigorating national brand and not forgetting the initial education heart

Once there was a story: "if Coca Cola factory is burned by a big fire, the first page headlines of major media in the world the next day must be banks competing to lend Coca Cola loans." This is the most popular word of Coca Cola, which shows that Coca Cola has unparalleled brand value. For Li Zhen, it is also the ultimate goal of the enterprise to create a famous brand of national independent education.

"The road is long and long, I will go up and down to seek for it". A brand is not only the name or image, but also the soul that accompanies the growth of enterprises, cities or other groups and organizations“ Taozhi teaching aids are determined to build a national enterprise with the "centenary brand", which must have the charm of temperature and personality.

Li Zhen had the meaning of his brand since the founding of Taozhi. The "Taozhi" in Yunhe Taozhi was taken from "happy childhood, wisdom was obtained from Taozhi", and he registered the trademark "Taozhi". Over the years, Li Zhen has not only been keen on social charity and public welfare, but also participated in various activities on children's education for children's intelligence. He has developed many teaching and training courses, and has widely accepted professional talents in the field of "Montessori" education methods, and trained his son as a successor in the education industry. Relying on the original school enterprise cooperation foundation, Li Zhen gradually expanded the scope of customers from institutions to families, and made the series of teaching aids products of "Taozhi" directly contact parents, so that children can also have enough time to play the puzzle in their daily life. This practice also spread the reputation of "Taozhi", and established people's familiarity with the brand of "Taozhi".

"People's ideological education is a long-term and complex systematic project, which requires every educator and young entrepreneurs to adhere to educating people and morality as the core of their work. We should be able to settle down and sharpen a sword in ten years. We should establish ourselves, learn and teach with morality. Only in this way can we shoulder the important task of shaping the soul, life and people. " Li Zhen sighed“ Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. This requires everyone in the education industry to take the initiative to go out of the comfort zone, break the routine, constantly improve their own quality, keep improving, keep pace with the times, explore educational laws, improve educational methods, eliminate backward parenting ideas, and ignite children's thirst for knowledge and thinking sparks. "

Turning to the future, Li Zhen expressed the hope that he could become a beneficiary of the "Phoenix action" of the Zhejiang provincial government. By the end of 2025, he would become one of 1000 listed companies in the province at home and abroad, making "Taozhi" a leading brand in the field of educational toys. Behind great brands, there are often people's shadows, such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, jobs of apple, Ren Zhengfei of Huawei, Lei Jun of Xiaomi and Dong Mingzhu of Gree. We believe that the future "Taozhi" will also become a rising planet and make contributions to the education of the next generation under the influence of Li Zhen's feelings and mission. Shouldering the responsibility of inheriting culture and leading education, Montessori teaching aids and Taozhi teaching aids have become a milestone in the development history of Chinese preschool education. No matter how time flies and stars change, they still stand in the forest of Oriental Nations for a long time.