Integrate the elements and spirit of Chinese traditional culture into the cause of children's teaching aids to the end
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Integrate the elements and spirit of Chinese traditional culture into the cause of children's teaching aids to the end

——Interview with Li Zhen, founder of Zhejiang Yunhe Taozhi e-commerce Co., Ltd

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Taozhi electronic company is an enterprise that helps the development of education and specializes in opening children's teaching aids products. Their popularity, reputation and reputation have been widely praised. In order to meet the readers, I recently came to Yunhe County to interview the founder of the company, Li Zhen. Here is the interview and interview——

The author: Deng Xiaoping said: "education should be grasped from the doll." Childhood is an important stage to promote the formation of children's outlook on life and values, and they need to be given correct guidance. The education that children receive in this period has a very important influence on their life after that. Please combine your own reality and talk about the importance of education!

Li Zhen: I was in difficult family conditions since I was a child and I didn't receive a complete education. My dropout experience has made me experience. As a person coming here, I know the importance of education. Therefore, in the process of my entrepreneurship, I always in the beginning of "create education opportunities for poor children", and strive to make more children with poor family conditions also get education opportunities and learn more knowledge, and can repay society and change their destiny in the future.

I: as far as I know, you have made good results in developing teaching aids, teaching aids and materials laying materials according to the Western Montessori educational concept, and trying to integrate the traditional Chinese cultural elements and spirit, so that children can learn more knowledge happily and stimulate more potential. Please introduce your own specific practice!

Li Zhen: in a word, the combination of China and the west takes its essence, flexible and changeable and skillfully guides. Compared with the examination oriented education in previous years, both schools and parents pay more and more attention to the guiding education of children. In the past, the situation of "reading dead books and reading dead" has been no longer suitable for today's education. The educational concept of our country has shifted from the state that students are buried in the sea of books and mountains everyday in class, and has shifted to the interaction of education in children's daily life. Starting from all the things children can contact in life, the education idea of children is guided deeply, and its education effect is far higher than that of various teaching forms in class.

Taozhi company develops teaching aids, teaching aids and materials laying products according to the Western Montessori educational concept, while trying to integrate the traditional Chinese cultural elements and spirit, so that children can learn more potential while they are happy to learn knowledge, and the market reaction is good and the effect is obvious.

The author: the Montessori education method used by Taozhi company has subverted the traditional education method. As far as I know, the founder of the educational concept won the qualification of "Nobel Peace Prize" candidate in 1949, 1950 and 1951 for three consecutive years, which has made great contributions to the world. Montessori education can provide different products according to the development of each stage of the child. Traditional Chinese education often takes teachers as the center, and what children are taught by teachers. In Montessori education, teachers are more like a bystander, through observing the characteristics of children growing up to different stages, to carry out different stages of education for children, which is more helpful to stimulate the potential of children. Can you give a brief introduction to the series of products you have designed and produced for the use and promotion of Montessori education methods?

Li Zhen: Yes. Taozhi company produces a series of products in the material aspect uses high-quality wood, commonly used beech, rubber wood, birch, Tilia, pine, MDF, plywood, etc; In the aspect of production technology, it is very smooth to grind with near strict standards, and it is not too much to call it handicraft; Under strict quality control, all indexes and performances of the factory products meet the latest national standards and standards of GB6675-2003, and meet the standards of St toy safety monitoring of EC EN-71, ASTM-F963 of the United States and Japan. The quality has reached the international advanced level, and has won many practical patents and appearance patents. In addition, the company has a complete range of products, up to 1000 items, which can be divided into six categories: mathematics education, language training, science and culture, sensory education, music series, daily life, including: building blocks, jigsaw, disassembling DIY, preschool education, intellectual games, etc., which can develop and enlighten children's talents and intelligence from all aspects and stimulate their interest in learning. Before, made in China was recognized as cheap goods, and the products have reached the world leading level.

Under the supervision and management of the leadership of Taozhi company, the management of product quality is very strict. Because the final consumer group of the products is preschool children, higher requirements are put forward for the safety and comfort of teaching aids, which set a benchmark for the industry.

I: we know that the most common thing children have come across before entering school is various kinds of toys. Many parents need to use different kinds of toys when they play interactive games with their children. Therefore, toys play an important role in children's lives. Toys are one of the most important tools for children to get happiness. If children can acquire knowledge and stimulate their potential in happiness, it is really a very meaningful thing. It is said that you have established Yunhe County Taozhi e-commerce Co., Ltd. to realize this ideal, and develop educational aids, teaching aids and accessories according to the educational concept of Western mondsoli (i.e. "Montessori"), and integrate Chinese traditional cultural elements and spirit into it through continuous exploration and development, so that children can also understand Chinese traditional culture To inherit the Chinese spirit. Below, please make a brief introduction, thank you!

Li Zhen: the guiding education concept is to take children as the center, parents and teachers as their bystanders and guides, and make children really participate in it through educational toys, and have real interest in learning knowledge. From the "I want to learn" in the past, it becomes the "I want to learn". For children, learning is no longer a heavy task, but a game that can feel very happy. Children are forced to accept and seek actively. This not only reduces the pressure of education of teachers and parents, but also relieves the conflicts between the students and the parents.

I: I learned that your grandfather and father are carpenters. Influenced by them, you have special feelings for wood products since childhood. Now your career is also established step by step through innovation led by the spirit of the craftsmen of your ancestors. Can you introduce this?

Li Zhen: I always remember the teachings of my ancestors: "wood is spiritual, and the products made of wood should be embodied by craft." So for each product, our team has put in their own emotions. For us, these products are soul, not a cold object. With such emotional and temperature toys to accompany the growth of children, children can feel the unknown more intuitively, and can also let more parents who have not too much experience in education of children find a reliable way. Nowadays, this kind of education method of teaching in music has been favored by the majority of parents. Here, I want to thank my grandfather, my father!

The author: it is understood that Taozhi company insists on the production of high-standard products, and realizes the diversity of products through continuous innovation. As children grow older, the teaching aids they need are changing constantly. Therefore, in addition to the quality of products, they need to ensure the diversity of products. Please give a brief introduction to the diversity of the products!

Li Zhen: OK! In order to diversity of products, we have set up a research and development team to focus on the integration with traditional culture in the process of developing new products. For example, the new character card of Chinese characters, Tang poetry, three character classics, family name of Bai family, etc., can let children learn Chinese traditional culture in the process of playing and entertainment. Over the years, Taozhi electronic team has been developing continuously, and has won many practical patents and appearance patents. The products are divided into six categories: mathematics education, language training, science and culture, sensory education, music series, daily life, and more than 1000 kinds, including: building blocks, jigsaw, disassembling DIY, preschool education, intellectual games, etc. These products are frequently used by children in the process of playing. Using these common items, children can learn more knowledge and achieve the excellent effect of moral education. This is the purpose of our initial establishment of Yunhe County Taozhi e-commerce Co., Ltd. and the result of his persistence in pioneering and pioneering work for many years.

The author: the name of Yunhe Taozhi is poetic and romantic. It gives people a lot of imagination space. Can you make a brief introduction and why does this name come from!

Li Zhen: OK! OK! The concept of "Taozhi" in cloud and Taozhi comes from "happy childhood, wisdom out", which comes from my experience in life, and combines Montessori education method, which makes the products more scientific and authoritative while close to life. I once said, "I've been a communicator of Montessori's education in my life." In my opinion, good education methods can affect children's life, so I am committed to popularizing the Montessori education method, and making more children the beneficiaries of Montessori education method.

I: it is said that you have trained your son into a "Montessori" education professional by using the "Montessori" education method. Please introduce your son. Thank you!

Li Zhen: Yes! I have trained my son as a professional in the field of Montessori education and become the successor of the promotion of the "Montessori" education method in China. As long as there is a seminar on children's education at home and abroad, he will go to attend the seminar and try to learn more about Montessori education. He has also helped me to promote the Montessori education method for many years, teach for the parents and transmit the concept of Montessori education method.

I: according to the information I learned from the interview, Taozhi company is popular with customers because of its products' diversified, good quality, low price, good integrity and good reputation. Please introduce how this good performance has been achieved!

Li Zhen: to achieve such a result is the result that we always take customers as the right and take ourselves as the non result. This is the source of Taozhi's power to create customers. Taozhiren always take users as the right, not only to meet the needs of users, but also to create user needs. Taozhiren always think that they are wrong. Only self thinking can they constantly deny themselves, challenge themselves and reshape themselves - to achieve change and win in the process of change. Taozhi will not change due to the change of the world, but will develop in accordance with the development of the times, forming the inherent gene characteristics of Taozhi's sustainable development. This feature, together with each Taozhi person's "two innovation" - Entrepreneurship and innovation spirit, forms the core ability feature of Taozhi to maintain competitive advantage in the ever changing market: "the more fierce the world changes, the faster the user changes, the longer the inheritance."

I: Thank you for your interview. Goodbye!