What is the characteristic of Montessori?
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The characteristics of Montessori education method are mainly reflected in three key words: curriculum, teaching aids and teachers. The purpose of these courses is to provide a preparation environment for children to learn. This kind of environment refers to in the classroom, outside the classroom, in the yard, on the playground, and at home with parents. In these environments, children are free to expand their physical abilities, develop their social, emotional and intellectual abilities. These courses are challenging in nature and contain basic concepts and skills that motivate and guide children to understand mathematics, language, science, geography and history. These courses allow children to "learn" by doing. There are many Montessori teaching aids in China's Eton kindergarten, which cost tens of thousands of yuan. Although these teaching aids are very expensive, they have ingenious ideas for children's development, including sensory teaching aids, mathematical teaching aids, etc. These teaching aids are operable, and children can touch, move, clean, disassemble and reconstruct them in different ways. Children learn through their senses. These teaching aids can stimulate and stimulate their inner potential. Montessori teachers can keep children interested in learning, use hands-on and challenging teaching aids, and develop personalized curriculum for children. Teachers always maintain a modest attitude, give up the traditional self righteous way of education, stay in the position of assistance and guidance, and give children timely assistance and guidance, so that children become the theme of education, so that they can move their minds and have wisdom.