The difference between Montessori teaching aids and toys
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Montessori working materials, namely Montessori teaching aids, provide children with a best way of combining spirit and material, which is based on the careful observation and careful thinking of childrenCreated above, the design and production of each teaching aid has its own ingenuity. Montessori teaching aids are not tools for teachers to teach, but "materials" for children to do "growth work". They are not the objects to assist teachers in class, but the media for children to carry out self-education and self exploration. Montessori teaching aids are different from ordinary toys in the following five aspects

01. Different purposes
Montessori teaching aids are placed in the preparation studio with strict use rules, which have specific educational significance. It can help children realize the natural growth of life and realize their mental selfConstruction, the realization of the system of sensory training, and promote the coordinated development of muscle function, so that children in the operation process to develop self potential. Toys are designed to cater to children's preferences, which have no educational significance. Children can play as they like. Therefore, toys do not have the functions of cultivating children's concentration, willpower and discipline, and can not produce enlightening effect on children's mental development.

02. Different forms
Montessori teaching aids are mostly derived from the familiar things of children in life. Whether it is material or shape, it can give children a sense of reality and intimacy, so that children can feel the boundaries of naturePerfect. The size design of teaching aids is suitable for children, and fully respects the development characteristics and process of children's physiology and psychology. However, toys mainly imitate reality. The materials and sizes of toys are far from the real objects. There is no unified standard in design, and the colors and shapes are various. In particular, the use of modern technology, some electric toys, games and animation into the discomfortCombined with children's light, electricity, sound and other special effects, the children are dazzled and distracted.

03. Different characteristics
In the process of children's development, children's adaptability and adaptability can be realized in the process of children's development. At the same time, there is also an obvious transition between similar teaching aids, that is, the system is very strong. Only on the basis of children mastering the operation of teaching aids in the previous stage can they enter the next stage, which can help children consolidate and improve their relevant abilities. The toy itself has no system to speak of, its operation method is more casual and simple, it is impossible to give children systematic training, it is difficult to help children steadily develop intelligence and realize self construction.

04. Different effects
Montessori teaching aids have the function of "error control", so that children can find and correct errors by themselves in the process of operation, and do not need adults to guide and look after them endlesslyTo ensure the smooth progress of children's independent education process, so that the stimulation provided by teaching aids can stimulate children's concentration to the greatest extent. Because toys are used in the process, children can do what they wantIt is not conducive to the cultivation of children's sense of responsibility and discipline to the surrounding environment.

05. Different meanings
The operation of Montessori teaching aids can cultivate children's internal and external sense of order. This function is not only reflected in the teaching aid itself, but also related to everything outside. In the operation process of teaching aids, children must take down the teaching aids in an orderly way, return to their places in an orderly way, respect and maintain it. If two children come to choose the same teaching aid, then one of them must wait patiently for others to use it, instead of competing. The establishment of these rules helps children to form the personality of respect, patience and courtesy, as well as the cultivation of sociality needed for coexistence with others. In addition, the operation of Montessori teaching aids is not always carried out alone, sometimes it needs to be carried out with other partners. Then, when a child cooperates with others to complete the work, his social character, such as taking into account others' feelings, self-control, independence, coordination ability, friendliness and helping others, will also be developed.

Toys can't do this. Most toys or toy games are made by children themselves. After using, children often mix all the parts togetherSome of them will let their parents clean up for him. What toys lack is that they can't make children develop good habits, which destroys children's planning, systematicness, sense of discipline and sociality.