What does Bill Gates's praise of Montessori education, a Nobel Prize winner, have to do with game education?
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Children's learning is mainly based on direct experience. In games and daily life, we should cherish the unique value of games and life, create a rich education environment, and can not "pull up the seedlings to encourage" type of advanced education and intensive training. The essence of game education is to let children become the master of learning, actively explore and discover, and form the learning quality of lifelong benefit. Play is the nature of children, game education is to make children become the main body of learning, from passive learners to active learners, game education is very important for children.

The core of game education is to conform to children's nature and give them maximum freedom, which is to a large extent the implementation of the education concept of Maria Montessori, a famous Italian preschool educator and reformer.

Maria Montessori is a world-famous preschool educator in the 20th century. Her unique early childhood education method has swept the whole western world, profoundly affected the educational level and social development of countries in the world, especially the advanced countries in Europe and America. It provides several generations of excellent talent foundation for the sustainable development of Western industrialized society. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, were influenced by Montessori education. Garcia Marquez, Nobel Laureate in literature and author of one hundred years of solitude, once said, "I believe that there is no better education in the world than Montessori education method, which can seize children's sensitive period, arouse children's curiosity and stimulate their mental development.".

Montessori believes that children have intrinsic learning drive and strong ability to learn and absorb the surrounding environment, which makes children keep exploring the environment from birth. Therefore, Montessori advocates not to restrict children's freedom of movement blindly, and to prepare an environment for children to move freely to the maximum extent. This environment needs to be able to support children's free exploration and development, nourish children's curiosity, form positive personality traits, and give them a basic framework concept and foundation for their future learning. She said that the education system is based on the senses, with thinking as the process and freedom as the purpose.

Today, this concept is presented in different forms. For example, some kindergarten teachers will determine the teaching theme, set up the education environment, arrange the education content, and organize and implement some teaching activities that can be carried out by means of games, such as music, dance, extracurricular activities, etc. Let children learn in play.

Game education is also based on the Montessori education concept, the product of the combination of Internet games and education. It is an innovation of the Internet technology in the field of education and the concept of education. Using games to create a virtual space where children can freely move, turning boring mathematics, chemistry, physics and other courses into the form of game tackling. Every time students master a knowledge point in the learning process, it is equivalent to passing a pass, and the system will give students a medal. In this process, Khan college found that the course of award medals is always more than ordinary The course can attract more students. Game based education has grasped the children's mentality that they want to be relaxed and make progress. The progress of knowledge is set into different levels like a game. It stimulates children's interest and competitiveness, and can break through some knowledge points unconsciously. Learning in the form of games also makes it easier for learners to stick to it. This kind of design that skillfully replaces the concept of "learning a few hours a day" with "playing a few hours a day" can reduce children's fear of difficulties and help them to persevere in their learning journey.

In fact, no matter what kind of education method is adopted, it is the best for children to adapt to their physical and mental development. As Montessori said, "the education system is based on the senses, with thinking as the process and freedom as the purpose."