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  “Happy childhood, and seek out wisdom"Is for the core concept

  Once upon a time, sophisticated chic modelling Full of full-bodied plain wooden toys, is one of the most fun childhood friend how many generations, the trailer the blare of the wood Jigsaw puzzle of countless images, are the most kind of collective memory when Children growing up in happiness, and the adults gain the long-lost innocence The heavy feeling, precious Wooden toys, simple and warm, grow with us.

  Recreation, let the children thrive in the play To promote children's brain development, to create a happy moment, we want their children to get more We always want to do more for you in the child's feeling sensitive period and order in the sensitive period, guide the children to the feeling of the building blocks of various shapes and colors, let the child have a novelty, hand touch let children very excited at the same time, fully satisfy children pursue fresh knowledge desire In the process of children's play, through continuous build various shapes of buildings, make a different put order, let the child to the feeling of the order with the new understanding, let one's work satisfaction to the child, cultivate children's self-confidence.

  “Customer is forever, is not their ownOf your judgments is new to create a customer

  Taozhi people is always to the user and not only to meet user demand, create user requirements; Taozhi people always consider oneself in the wrong, can only be constant self-denial, consider oneself in the wrong, challenge themselves and reinvent themselves to achieve to change in the change of the will to win.


  Two and entrepreneurial innovation spirit is the tao of culture the same gene

  Taozhi concept of the same gene is not only guidance on employees' personal development, is also a constraint on employees' values Always is on the user and the idea of a gene called for the staff their own personal have two chong spirit.

  The essence of the spirit of innovation is to create differentiated value differentiation value creation comes from the creation of new user resources.

  Both the spirit core is to emphasize lock first competitive goal targets unchanged, but for the realization of the goal should be to open field of vision, integrated use of various resources effectively.